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Tracing letters worksheets for your kids

Have your kids keep their writing skills sharp with our letter tracing worksheet. This activity is great for practicing letter formation skills. Simply print out the worksheet, trace the letters with a pencil, and fill in the corresponding letters in the designated capital letter/ uppercase letters tracing and small letter tracing sections. This activity will help students develop hand control, concentration, and the ability to see the lower letters and capital letters shape, which will help later when they are learning to read. Not to mention, these exercises help with fine motor skills as well.

What are these kidSMART worksheets?

As parents, we often look for ways to help our children succeed. Sometimes, despite our best efforts, it can be difficult to find printable activities that are engaging. These kidSMART worksheets offer an enjoyable way to teach children the basics of letters and numbers in a multifunctional manner.

The visualDAD kidSMART worksheets are designed for preschoolers through first-graders. Each worksheet is fun and could be used as coloring books, and guides your child through the letter sounds, letter shapes and as well as numbers. They are sure to be a favorite of children, teachers, and parents alike.

In this blog post, I’ll be focusing on the alphabet letterSMARTS series.

Tracing Letters worksheets for kids

Letter tracing for kids is used in grade-one classrooms in an attempt to teach children how to properly form letters when writing. These worksheets are often used when children are just beginning to learn how to write. Tracking letter forms when writing is said to help build the knowledge base for accurate letter formation when reading. The act of tracing letters helps create steady hand movements which will in turn help when reading.

Letter tracing for kids is a great way for children to learn how to properly form letters when writing. Children often practice alphabet tracing worksheets in grade one classroom in an attempt to teach children how to properly form letters when writing. My daughter along with the other kindergarten students at her school, are already working on grade-one activities. Therefore, the visualDAD letterSMARTS alphabet tracing worksheets are a good supplement to her curriculum. 

The currently available online free printable preschool worksheets just don’t cut it visually. Yes, my daughter loves pretty designs and the ability to color the worksheets. 

These visualDAD letterSMARTS alphabet worksheets for kids are tailored to not only practice the uppercase and lowercase versions of each letter but also include an object that starts with the corresponding letter to color with crayons or colored pencils.

 For example, let’s say we were tracing the letter L. While tracing the letter L, there would be a picture of a dog that starts with L.Letter tracing, in a sense, is a skill that children need in order to learn how to read with an increased level of fluency.When teaching children how to trace letters, children often practice these worksheets in grade one classroom in an attempt to teach children. 

These letterSMARTS printable from visualDAD are a great supplement to the textbooks and worksheets your children receive from school. Your child can never get enough practice to perfect their writing letters.

Tracing Letters Worksheets help pre-school children develop their phonic recognition abilities and write letters with accuracy.

If you are looking for an activity that will help your child learn the letter sounds and letter shapes, try visualDAD’s letterSMARTS alphabet tracing worksheet. There are 26 worksheets that start with instructions on how to write the uppercase and lowercase letters and then a photo of an object to reinforce the necessary sounds and shapes of the letters in question – this helps to practice your kids sounding out names and words before it ever gets into school. Check them out today by signing up!

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